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Rebuild Palestine

Permanent homes for Palestinian families

People in Gaza are trying to build lives in an environment that is deemed uninhabitable. During the past few years, Gaza has been subjected to large-scale bombardments as well as the aftermath of Covid 19. The health sector is severely underfunded, infrastructure is inadequate and damaged, and millions of people are trying to make ends meet. Our goal is to improve the housing conditions for the most vulnerable families. With your support, our partners will improve the housing in Palestine.

UN says some 58,000 Palestinians have been internally displaced in Gaza.

Thousands of people live in tents that do not provide adequate protection from the bitter winters and brutal summer temperatures.

Become a donor and help us to provide a permanent solution for families that have lived in temporary shelters and tents for a long period of time. Those who have been displaced from their homes will be able to live for a lifetime in a brick house consisting of two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

When you donate you’ll be directly helping to transform the future of an entire family. Your donation will get them out of tents – which leak in winter, and blister in summer – and into a permanent home.