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Health Action

As a result of over a decade of siege, large-scale bombardments, and the covid 19 pandemic, Gaza’s health sector is in serious need of assistance. The Gazan population has not been able to receive the medical care it needs due to a lack of medical services, ongoing trauma and a deadly virus. As a result, lives are at risk and the health of Gazans has been compromised. In addition to being overworked and underpaid, medical staff are also at risk. Power, water, and supplies are limited in hospitals. Gaza is experiencing a severe humanitarian crisis that is only likely to worsen. By contributing, you can ensure that vital medical services are not denied to people in need.

Gaza Emergency Appeal

The people of Gaza are having to deal with continuous nights of airstrikes due to ongoing conflict. Now is the time to help Gaza and its people. Palestine aid has been working on the ground since 2008 the charity has focused primarily on the Gaza strip due to the ongoing humanitarian disaster. Our work also includes the delivery of aid to the west bank, Jerusalem, and the Gaza strip.

Food security for crisis-affected families
Medical relief for hospitals
Shelter assistance for families whose homes have been demolished
Providing hospitals with medicine and medical disposables
The Palestine Aid team in Gaza are helping communities rebuild and recover in the face of disease, disaster and conflict. You can make a donation. It only takes a minute but the effects of it will be felt for a lifetime.

We thank our partners from Britain, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Algeria, Jordan, South Africa, New Zealand, Norway and Canada [freedom flotilla coalition campaigns] and the coordination of miles of smiles in sending new ambulances into Gaza, Palestine.